Beltway Junior Golf Tour

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Beltway Junior Golf Tour Championship

July 29-30, 2020

Gleannloch Pines Golf Club

All 2020 Beltway JGT Members are eligible to play






*Fall Tournament Series*

First Event:  Sunday, Aug 16th

Full fall schedule coming soon!






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Attention Class of 2020!
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Class of 2020--Scholarship essays. Keep an eye out for an email directed to the graduating class of 2020 about information on submitting this year's scholarship essays. Coming soon to your inbox!
2020 Scholarship Drive
7 mos ago
If you would like to donate to our scholarship drive for 2020, please click the link below to read the information about how your sponsorship dollars are put to use! 2020 Scholarship Drive
Which Division? Read the breakdown
7 mos ago
DIVISIONS--We have a division that matches your current skill level. Boys Gold 18-hole tournaments: males playing at or near the High School Varsity Level (can shoot 89 or better from 6500 yds) Boys Silver...
Spring Break Events
7 mos ago
Windrose Spring Break Bash March 9th, 2020 REGISTER TODAY Cedar Creek Spring Break Open March 11th, 2020 REGISTER TODAY
Upcoming Events
Gleannloch Pines Back to School Classic
August 16
Montgomery County Beltway Junior Golf Tour
Gleannloch Pines Golf Club
Spring, TX
Tournament field is full. We may have a few slots open as the week progresses. Please check your email for any last minute openings.
Panorama Fall Junior Championship
September 13
Pineywoods Beltway Junior Golf Tour
The Village Golf Club - Winged Foot/Thunderbird
Conroe, TX
Tournament field size is limited to 48 players.
High Meadow Ranch Fall Junior Open
September 27
Montgomery County Beltway Junior Golf Tour
High Meadow Ranch Golf Club
Magnolia, TX
Field is limited to 72 players. Please plan accordingly.
Latest Results
Battleground July Junior Open
August 4
Boys - Gold
Talevich. N (+7)
Robinson. L (+11)
Ishimura. L (+13)
Boys - Silver
Alvarez. P (+16)
Keo. K (+26)
Medico. J (+38)
Boys - Bronze
Zepeda. J (+3)
Sandoval. V (+18)
Girls - Diamond
Truong. S (+14)
Nguyen. E (+16)
Latchney. M (+19)
Girls - Platinum
Paez. N (+14)
Maples. T (+23)
Baez. C (+27)
Girls - Pearl
Randall. J (+16)
Cox. L (+29)
Pierce. K (+31)
Quail Valley La Quinta (ALL DIVISIONS)
August 4
Boys - Gold
Bandi. S (+5)
Hileman. M (+7)
Jalakam. K (+8)
Boys - Bronze
Cruickshank. M (-4)
Gardner. T (-1)
MacNeill. B (-1)
Girls - Pearl
Rodrigues. M (+8)
Rodriguez. A (+11)
Watts. C (+12)
Strong. W (+8)
Han. G (+9)
Boys - Silver
Garson-Goroway. G (+6)
Kendall. C (+13)
Arenkiel. J (+16)
Girls - Diamond
Kerr. M (+9)
Routzong. V (+13)
Vann. V (+17)
Girls - Platinum
Reed. R (+12)
Nelson. A (+24)
Ft Bend County Region Championship @ Pecan Grove
August 3
Boys - Gold
Remlinger. J (+3)
Bedard. B (+7)
Karthik. R (+8)
Boys - Silver
Garson-Goroway. G (+6)
Capocyan. J (+14)
Arenkiel. J (+15)
Boys - Bronze
Arce. C (+2)
Matatall. G (+4)
MacNeill. B (+5)
Girls - Diamond
Routzong. V (+12)
King. K (+14)
Lotey. J (+14)
Girls - Platinum
Branham. R (+7)
Ahsan. Z (+12)
Kuntz. A (+16)
Girls - Pearl
Banks. S (+3)
Harms. A (+13)
Rodrigues. M (+13)
Cai. R (+10)
Philpott. M (+12)
Han. G (+14)