Beltway Junior Golf Tour

Beltway JGT Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Membership Fee to Join Beltway JGT and how long does the membership last?

Cost is $75 for the membership to the Beltway JGT.  Your membership allows you to play the entire schedule of tournaments for 2023.  The membership fee is only good for the current season of events.  Players will need to renew their membership each season.  2023 Memberships expire February 28, 2024

What Is Included in My Membership?

Your ability to online register for ALL Beltway JGT events regardless of location or region in which you live.  Members will also receive yearly membership gifts including Beltway JGT Towel, Bag Tag, and divot tool with ball marker and/or similar tee gift.

What Form of Payment Does Beltway JGT Take for Membership & Tournament Registrations?

All payments are done online through with Visa, MasterCard, or Discover. Beltway JGT does accept debit cards if it is a bank card with the Master Card or Visa label on the card.

If I Do Not Have a Visa, Mastercard, or Discover. Can I Still Sign Up?

Yes, please email or call the Beltway JGT--the staff will make arrangements on a case-by-case basis to allow you to make payment via check or cash.  Remember, this is only on a case-by-case basis.  Registration fees will need to be paid online if possible. 

Are there tee gifts at each tournament.

In order to keep the cost of Beltway JGT events as low as possible, there will not be individual tournament tee gifts.  However, with your paid membership, you will receive a one-time tee gift for the season.

Do I Have to Be a Member to Register for Tournaments?

Yes, Beltway JGT must have each player on a parents’ customer profile within our database to open up online tournament registration.  Please follow the simple online registration instructions to sign up.

Is There a Non-Member Policy or Option to Play if I Do Not Want to Join right now?

To play in our regular season tournament schedule, you need to be a member.  However, there will be a few events during the year that will be open to non-members to play. These events are typically at the end of the year over Thanksgiving and Christmas--Our Special Events.  If a player wants to play as a non-member, he/she should contact their regional director for instructions on tournament registration. Non-members are subject to an additional $10-15 fee per tournament and will not receive membership gifts. Playing as a non-member will be reviewed on a case by case basis. 

What Happens After I Register Online for Membership?

You will receive an ID & password from our tournament software (Shotstat) to register online for tournaments. It is very important that you print or write down this ID & password and save it for future tournament registrations.

If I Lose My Password, How Do I Find It?

In the menu, go to "Login" and then click "Forgot Password".  An email will be sent to you on how to reset your password. If you need assistance, please email the Beltway JGT, and it will be emailed to you depending on the availability at that time of Beltway JGT staff.

What Are the Divisions for the Beltway JGT?

Boys Gold – 18-hole tournaments:  males playing at or near the High School Varsity Level (6500+ yds)

Boys Silver – 18-hole tournaments:  males playing at a High School Junior Varsity level (6000+ yards)

Boys Bronze – 9-hole tournaments:  younger boys who have very little 18-hole experience. (typically 100 yds on par 3’s, 200-250 yds on par 4’s, 325-375 yds on par 5’s).  Caddies allowed.

Boys Iron (Select Events) - 5-hole tournament:  beginner younger boys who do not have very much golf experience at all.  Yardages similar to Bronze division.  Caddies allowed.

Girls Diamond – 18-hole tournaments:  females playing at or near the High School Varsity Level (5400+ yds)

Girls Platinum – 18-hole tournaments:  females playing at or near a High School Junior Varsity level (5000+ yards)

Girls Pearl - 9-hole tournaments:  younger girls who have very little 18-hole experience. (typically 100 yds on par 3’s, 200-250 yds on par 4’s, 325-375 yds on par 5’s)  Caddies allowed.

Girls Ruby (Select Events) - 5-hole tournament:  beginner younger girls who do not have very much golf experience at all. Yardages similar to Pearl division.  Caddies allowed.

Divisions Explained Further

Gold & Diamond divisions (Varsity level competition):  Our Boys Gold Division and Girls Diamond division is your division if you already play in varsity events at your high school, or aspire to show your coaches you are ready to play Varsity.  Varsity level competition is essential to gaining a competitive edge for next school year.  **Don't forget, we are still giving exemptions into Texas Junior Golf Tour events at the end of the year based on the Overall Points list, and the top finishers at the End of the Year Tour Championship in July at Gleannloch Pines GC.  Rack up those points and earn exemptions into TJGT QS events.

Silver & Platinum divisions (JV & Junior High level competition):  The Boys Silver and Girls Platinum divisions are perfect for our JV & Junior High ability members. 18-hole events against players of similar skill level will ensure progress and confidence.  If you can play 18 holes, but you are not ready for varsity level competition, you should play in the Silver (Boys) and Platinum (Girls) divisions.

Bronze & Pearl (9-hole events):  If you think you are not ready for the 18-hole division (physically or mentally), the Boys Bronze and Girls Pearl divisions are perfect for you to play this summer.  We have many junior high aged and below members that play in these divisions--maybe not true beginners, but just past the beginner level, or not physically mature enough yet to play 18-holes. This division plays from modified forward tees and caddies are allowed (walking or golf cart).

Iron & Ruby (5-Hole events): This division will focus on our true beginners and younger members that will play from modified forward tees.  As in the Bronze and Pearl divisions, caddies are allowed to help our new little ones manage their way around the golf course.

Is There a Proof of Birthdate/Birth Certificate Required to Play?

No, just make sure you input your birth date correctly on the membership registration.

Can I Play up Into a Division?

Yes, with Beltway Staff approval. We want you to play in the division you feel you will see the most success but we still want you to challenge yourself.  If you have proven through tournament play that you are able to handle a longer yardage with stiffer competition, you will be moved up.  Email your Regional Director if you desire to play- up.  Any points accumulated in another division will not be counted for player of the year—i.e. the player will only accumulate points for any award in the individual division he/she participates

What Yardages Do the Girls Play?

In normal Beltway tournaments, the Diamond division can expect to play apx. 5200-5500 yds depending on course/weather conditions.  The Platinum division can expect to play around 4500-5000 yards. We favor shortening the par 3 holes for pace of play and making the par 5 holes ‘true par 5’s’ to avoid back-ups on the tee box. We want everyone to learn how to play their best, to be able to manage their game and emotions as they put themselves in position to reach these goals. Shortening the golf course gives them a chance to do this in tournament play. Go ahead and break 100 for the 1st time, 90 for the 1st time, 80 for the 1st time, PAR, for the 1st time. Learn that you can do it, and have fun at the same time!

Are the Boys divisions played at the Same Yardages?

No, The Boys Gold Division will play apx. 6400-6600 yds & The Boys Silver Division will play apx. 5900- 6300 yds at normal Beltway JGT tournaments.  Beltway staff will normally shorten par 3’s for pace of play and make par 5’s ‘true par five’ holes where it takes three shots to reach the green. We favor shortening the par 3 holes for pace of play and making the par 5 holes ‘true par 5’s’ to avoid back-ups on the tee box. We want everyone to learn how to play their best, to be able to manage their game and emotions as they put themselves in position to reach these goals. Shortening the golf course gives them a chance to do this in tournament play. Go ahead and break 100 for the 1st time, 90 for the 1st time, 80 for the 1st time, PAR, for the 1st time. Learn that you can do it, and have fun at the same time!

Are There Separate Awards for Each Division for Boys?

Yes, Beltway JGT gives awards for the respective Gold and Silver division for the top three places. In the Bronze and Iron divisions, we like to see as many smiles as possible so we will award the top 5 places.

Are There Separate Awards for Each Division for Girls?

Yes, Beltway JGT gives awards for the respective Diamond and Platinum division for the top three places. In the Pearl and Ruby divisions, we like to see as many smiles as possible so we award the top 5 places.

Where Can I Find the Information for Each Tournament?

It will be displayed on the Tournament Information page within each region’s homepage.  Any news or information about the event will appear there.

Is There a Limit of Tournaments That Any Player Can Play on the Beltway JGT?

No, you can play as many as you want in any of the Beltway regions as long as spots are available.

Am I limited to play events in just the region I live?

No, you can play events in any region!

Is There a Stroke Limit?

Absolutely!  We play “Double Par.”  If you have not holed your 5th stroke on a par 3, please pick up and record a 6.  If you have not holed your 7th stroke on a par 4, please pick up and record a 8.  If you have not holed your 9th stroke on a par 5, please pick up and record a 10.

Are There Caddies on the Beltway JGT?

Caddies are allowed only for the Bronze, Pearl, Iron and Ruby divisions. Remember we want these kids to begin becoming self sufficient on the golf course. It is OK if they struggle a little bit carrying their bags, but as they wear out, please help them and carry their bag.  Caddies are also allowed to assist players in the Bronze, Pearl, Iron and Ruby divisions with club selection, strategy, rules of golf, positive encouragement, pace of play, etc.  

Do You Allow Push Carts on the Beltway JGT?

Yes, provided they adhere to normal rules and etiquette of golf as applied to push carts. Push Carts are allowed for all age divisions provided the host course permits. 

All players/parents are advised to check with each individual course. The ultimate responsibility resides with the player.

Medical Condition: Any player, in any age division, may use a pull cart due to a valid medical condition provided the host venue allows the pull cart.  Also, under the ADA rule, a player may be shuttled in a golf cart for the entire round.  Please provide medical documentation to the tournament director prior to the event to allow for the conditions to be reviewed, approved, and the golf cart made available at the event.  Several venues will have limited cart availability, so we would like to make arrangements for our physically disabled members.

Beltway Staff emphasizes safety when a player is being shuttled and pulling a pull cart. It is recommended to fold up the pull cart and place in the shuttle to prevent potential injury.

PLEASE NOTE:  Beltway JGT will not incur liability or responsibility for the damage to any pull cart or player as a result of pulling a pull cart when being shuttled or responsible for any injury while be shuttled under the ADA rule.

Are There Distance Measuring Devices Allowed on Beltway?

Yes, Beltway JGT allows range finders at all events provided they are “distance only” measuring devices in accordance with USGA standards/rules.

Will the Players Exchange Scorecards?

Yes.  When you arrive at your designated starting hole, each player is asked to exchange scorecards before play begins.   We recommend that players in the group stand in a circle, and pass their scorecards to their right for the exchange.  Make sure you not only record your competitor's scores for the round, but keep your scores at the bottom of that card as well.  Players should always record scores after each completed hole.

What Are the Pace of Play Standards?

A player has 45 seconds to hit a shot once arriving at his ball initially. This means having a good idea of yardage and shot selection before he/she arrives.

Pace of Play: The Beltway JGT tournament committee will set the pace of play to expected rounds equal to or less than but not exceeding 4 hours and 30 minutes, 15 minute maximum per hole

How can my player maintain his pace of play?

Play ready golf at the Beltway JGT events.  If it is not your turn, let everyone know you are ready to play.

Keep up with the group ahead of you.

Keep up with the kids in your group.

It is OK to be shuttled by a parent or a spectator from greens just finished up to the next tee.

It is also OK, if your group has fallen behind to be shuttled by a parent or spectator to your tee shots.

Food, Drink, Clothing, Umbrellas Etc?

Food, Drink, Clothing: Any parent or spectator may provide food, drink, clothing, umbrellas; hand warmers to players during the round of play provided it does not slow down pace of play or distract other competitors play. 

Beltway JGT recommends this to be done between holes from green to tee box or during the turn.  Beltway highly recommends as primarily a fall/winter tour that each player bring extra clothes, rain suits, umbrellas to each tournament. Weather conditions can change quickly and the better you are prepared, the better chance for success while avoiding unnecessary costs for these items at the tournament venue or last minute trips to the shopping mall. 

We will provide water and snacks for all players for each event and also appreciate any donations of water and snacks parents and friends chose to donate ate events.


Normal Tournaments:

$35-$65 for the 18-hole Divisions: Gold, Silver, Diamond, Platinum

$25-40 for the 9-hole Divisions: Bronze and Pearl

Tour Championship $125

What Happens if I Have to Withdraw During an Event?

Tournament Withdrawal during Event: Once play has begun at any Beltway event, all players wishing to withdraw must report first to the Tournament Director or Beltway JGT Staff before leaving the golf course.

1st and most importantly, we need to know if you are OK, and why you have actually chosen not to continue.  The player and/or his/her pairing competitors will be interviewed on the subject of the withdrawing player’s health, illness, injury and general physical condition during the event. Based on the information gathered, the withdrawal will be categorized in one of three ways: justified withdrawal, or unjustified withdrawal. Unjustified withdrawals will be subject to a disqualification.  

With that said, we just want to see you fighting and scraping your way thru difficult rounds….don’t just give up and walk off the golf course.

What if I am sick and have to Withdraw prior to an event?

Beltway Staff understand situations when we get sick or injured.  However, the Withdraw/Refund Policy applies to every case.  Beltway JGT must fulfill the contractual obligation to each golf course venue to remain in good standing.  Contracts are signed a year in advance and minimum numbers of players are required at each venue. 

You must contact that event’s Regional Director and/or Coach Handley, Coach Edmonson, or Coach Ewing.  If it is outside 24 hours of tournament start time, then a credit for that registration amount will be placed in your customer account. If your WD is inside 24 hours of tournament start, you may still cancel but there will be no refund.

What Is Your Policy if Weather Cancels or Shortens the Tournament?

All tournaments will go a scheduled unless weather does not permit that day. Communication will be sent from web page if tournament has to be cancelled in advance due to weather. At this point players can elect to play the same venue if a makeup date can be mutually agreed upon with the golf course, or roll their tournament registration into another event, or receive credit for the registration amount into their account for use at a future date.

Once play has started and a ball has been played Tournament Directors will do whatever they can to complete the tournament, meaning there could be a delay in play once started or might have to push back start time if it hasn’t started. We will do everything we can to safely avoid a lengthy delay.

If tournament has started and play must be stopped without resuming play in a timely manner, players will be scored however the Tournament Director decides. There will be no make-up day since play had already started and we have financial obligations to the golf course for that play.

If a tournament is cancelled all participants may be given a partial credit of the tournament fee after all tour expenses incurred for the event have been submitted. This credit may be used for any future event.

Where Can I Find All the Details for Each Tournament?

On each tournaments registration page as well as the tournament information page on that regions schedule.  The info page lists everything you need to know about that particular tournament.  Please read all the notes, schedule of events and other links.  These will inform you on all the details and logistics of each tournament.

When Will Tee Times Be Posted?

Start times, pairings and tee times will be posted on the website.  Every effort will be made to post tee times no less than the evening prior to play.  Most of our events are shotgun starts, so you can get that start time from the registration page or tournament information page. Always check the website the night before for any last minute changes due to late withdrawals.  Parents and players will be responsible for finding start times, tee times and tournament information. This information can be found on each tournament information page.  Pay attention to emails and text alerts for any changes to this information.

When Do I Check in for an Event?

You should arrive at the Tournament check-in approximately 1 hour before your tee time.  All players must check-in prior to tournament play.  More details regarding the registration procedure may be posted on each tournament page by a case-specific need

How Do I Know if I Am Accepted for an Event?

Parents/Players will receive a tournament entry confirmation after online entry and payment confirmation at the email address provided during membership registration.  All fields will be posted on the official Beltway JGT website.

What Is the Dress Code for Tournaments?

a. Required dress at the golf course: Hats/visors must be worn with brim forward. Collared shirts or mock turtlenecks (host golf course permitting) must be worn and tucked-in at all times. Women's fashion shirts without collars must have long sleeves. Women's fashion shirts must not rise above the belt line at anytime during the golf swing. Women's shorts must be no more than five inches above the knee or the inseam of the shorts must measure at least five inches. All Beltway events require players to wear Soft Spike golf shoes or other golf course appropriate footwear.

b. Prohibited dress at the golf course: tank tops, T-shirts, denim shorts, short-shorts, cut-off shorts, gym shorts and jeans. Earrings (for males), body piercing and tattoos must be covered.

Who Is Eligible to Play in Beltway JGT Events?

Eligibility: Junior Golfer Defined by the USGA

A “junior golfer “ is an amateur golfer who has not reached (i) the September 1 following graduation from secondary school or (ii) his 19th birthday, whichever comes first.

How Long Does It Take for BJGT Results to Be Posted?

It should take no less than 48 hours after tournament completion.  In most cases the points will post prior to the staff leaving the course on which the event was played.  As soon as the Beltway Staff has ensured that all the scores are accurate and all wd, dq, etc codes are in place, Beltway staff submits scores immediately after the tournament via a laptop computer.  Beltway is committed to post results, rankings, points, stories and pictures as quick as possible to serve our members with outstanding customer service.

Are There Formal Practice Rounds Scheduled?

No.  Always look on the info page for each tournament and read the notes and players must call the respective course to set up a practice round if so desired.  Always ask for the Jr. Rate or Beltway rate if one has been established with that facility. 

How Do I Schedule a Practice Round?

Call the pro shop of the tournament course.  Identify yourself as a Beltway JGT participant and ask for the Jr. rate or Beltway JGT rate.  If available, the practice round information may also be posted on the tournament info page of each tournament.

What Is the Cost of the Practice Round?

Each course will be different.  Always ask for the Jr. rate.  That rate would be good for the junior golfer only in most cases.

Will I Know the Course Setup or Yardages for the Practice Round?

No, but plan on the yardages listed in the BJGT policies.

Is the Practice Round Included in the Tournament Fee?

No, practice round fees will be separate.

If I need to contact the Tournament Director for any reason, where can I find that contact information?

The tournament director's contact information will be listed on the contact information page and on that Beltway Region’s Homepage.  Coach Handley and Coach Edmonson are also available via email and phone numbers located on the contacts us page..

How Do I Know if a Tournament Is Full?

The system will not allow you to register online, and the word “FULL” will show on the schedule/registration page.

If I Want to Be Placed on the Waiting List, Who Should I Contact?

Contact the Tournament Director listed on the individual tournament information page. Player’s name will be placed on a wait list and will be contacted if a slot becomes available due to a cancellation.

When and How Will I Be Notified of Tournament Entry from the Waiting List?

The Tournament Director will email or call you if a space becomes available.

How do I win Player of the Year?

The overall points list will determine the Player of the Year award winners in each division.


What if I Have a Question That Is Not Answered Here?

Call your Regional Tour Director.  CONTACT US