Beltway Junior Golf Tour

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Beltway Junior Golf Tour- Local Rules and Conditions of Competition

  • Play is generally governed by the USGA Rules of Golf and its Decisions, with local modifications as deemed necessary by the Tournament Director. The following Conditions of Competition and Local Rules apply and may be found in the current Appendix I of the USGA Rules of Golf. Unless otherwise noted, the penalty for breach of a Local Rule or Condition is Two Strokes.


  1. ENTRIES: Please adhere to the registration deadlines when entering events.  The Tournament Director will have that deadline posted on the website.  If you decide you want to play in an event after registration closes, you can contact the Tournament Director running that event to see if space is available.
  2. STARTING TIMES/HOLE ASSIGNMENTS:  Starting times will be posted on the official Beltway JGT Website well in advance of the event and hole assignments will be posted the evening prior to the event.
  3. If you register for an event and cannot make it, please contact the Tournament Director 24 hours prior to the official start of the event and you will be issued a credit towards future events.  If you do not inform us 24 hours prior to the official start, no credit will be issued.
  4. Please try to be at the course a minimum of 30-minutes prior to the start time.  If you arrive after the tournament has started, but still wish to play, every attempt will be made to get you on the course with your assigned group.  You will receive the tour maximum of “double par” for all holes they completed prior to your arrival.
  5. CHECKING IN/REGISTRATION:  Please find the registration table for the event PRIOR to warming up to pick up your official scorecard.


  1. Prior to teeing off:  Please make sure to introduce yourself to your entire group, and exchange scorecards.  Common practice:  Stand in a circle and pass your scorecard to your right.
  2. MAXIMUM SCORE:  In all Beltway JGT competitions, the maximum score is “double par” on any hole.  Once you make a stroke that is one less than the MAX, and that stroke is not holed, please pick up and record the max for that hole.  Do not play beyond the max.  Any subsequent strokes beyond the Max must be counted (on par 3s, pick up after you hit your 5th stroke; on par 4s, pick up after your 7th stroke; on par 5s, pick up after your 9th stroke). 
  3. OUT OF BOUNDS:  Prior to each tournament, the boundary of the course will be defined.  All OB will be played as lateral penalty area in order to expedite the pace of play.  You will determine where your ball crossed the boundary, measure two club-lengths, and add one penalty stroke.  You may NOT play from outside the boundary of the course and you may NOT go into a yard to retrieve golf balls.
  4. DOUBT AS TO PROCEDURE: Please make sure to familiarize yourself with USGA Rule of Golf 20.1c(3).  If a competitor is doubtful of his rights or the correct procedure during play of a hole the player may, without penalty, complete the hole with two balls. After the doubtful situation has arisen and before taking further action the competitor must announce to his marker or a fellow-competitor that he Intends to play two balls and which ball he wishes to count if the Rules Permit. If he fails to do so, the provisions of Rule 20.1c(3) apply. The Competitor MUST report the facts of the situation to the Committee before Returning his scorecard. If the player fails to do so, they are disqualified.
  5. SUSPENSION OF PLAY DUE TO A DANGEROUS SITUATION: When play is suspended by the Committee for a dangerous situation, if the players in a match or group are between the play of two holes, they must not resume play until the Committee has ordered a resumption of play. If they are in the process of playing a hole, they must discontinue play immediately and not resume play until the Committee has ordered a resumption of play.


  1. Please make sure you record scores immediately following the completion of each hole.  Do NOT wait until later to fill in scores.  If there are any disputes as to strokes taken by a player in the group, please resolve it prior to teeing off on the next hole.
  2. When your round is done, the entire group MUST go through the following process:
  3. As a group, go through the “hole by hole” scores and confirm that every score is correct.
  4. Once everyone agrees that the scores for each hole are correct, the scorer must sign the scorecard signifying that he/she agrees that the scores are correct and then hand it to the person they kept score for.
  5. The person whose name is on the scorecard (this is your official scorecard) must sign it as well signifying that he/she agrees that the scores are correct.
  6. Reminder:  You are NOT responsible for correct math…scores will be re-added at the scoring area before they are official and posted on the scoreboard.  HOWEVER, we ask that YOU DO ADD the scores up and put the total on there. 
  7. We will look at the total score for the final nine holes on the scorecard; if still a tie, we will look at the final six holes on the scorecard; and if still a tie we will look at the final three holes.
  8. After you have obtained two signatures on your official scorecard, proceed immediately to the scoring area to turn it in. 
  9. BREAKING TIES:  In the event that there is a tie for FIRST PLACE in any 18-hole division (Gold/Diamond/Silver), we will attempt to go play it on the course (if available).  In all other cases (and if we are unable to go to the course for a first place tie), the ties will be broken according to the USGA suggested method.  We will match scorecards in the following way until the tie is broken: score on last 9 holes, if tied, score on last 6 holes, if tied, score on last 3 holes, if tied, score on last hole played. 


We highly encourage parents and spectators to come out and watch some great golf.  We do ask that anyone coming out to watch be aware of the following:

  1. CADDIES & SCORECARDS (18-hole divisions): Caddies are not allowed for any 18-hole division.  Players in 18-hole divisions are expected to carry their own golf bags as they complete pay.  In addition, players are to complete the scorecards themselves and are not to be filled out by spectators.  Finally, spectators are not to make any rulings.
  2. CARTING POLICY:  In order to expedite the pace-of-play we do allow spectators in golf carts to shuttle groups from green to tee after the entire group has completed a hole.  In the event that a group has fallen out of position on the course when compared to the group in front of them, we will also allow shuttling to tee shots (you need to get permission from a Beltway JGT tournament worker before shuttling to tee shots).
  3. SNACKS:  We will always have snacks and water available, but spectators are also allowed to give snacks and water to players.
  4. CADDIES & SCORECARDS (9 & 5-hole divisions):  Caddies are allowed for the players in the 9 & 5-hole divisions.  Caddies in the 9 & 5-hole divisions are allowed to assist the players with club selection, strategy, rules of golf, pace of play, positive encouragement, etc. 


  1. DISTANCE MEASURING DEVICES:  Range finders are allowed as long as they meet the following criteria:
  2. They MUST be a “point and click” device (no GPS systems, cell phone apps, etc.).  This is the policy of the UIL when it comes to High School golf, and we will follow that model.
  3. They MUST provide ONLY ONE NUMBER.  They cannot give anything other than the distance to the object you are locating (like a tree or flagstick).  The device CANNOT provide distances that consider slope, or any other condition.
  4. CELL PHONES:  Please refrain from using your cell phones on the course.  It is recommended that you completely turn them off and store them in your golf bag.  First offense will be a warning; Second offense a 2-stroke penalty; a third offense would result in disqualification.  When you have signed your scorecard, then you can use your phones.