Beltway Junior Golf Tour


Entry Deadline:

  • For players in their own region, entry is now open into any event and will remain open exclusively for that region until 3 days prior to that event. Within 3 days of the event, players from other regions, who wish to play in a specific event outside their region, may register.
  • In other words, priority must be given to local players before non-local players are allowed into any event.
  • All entries will close at noon the day before each Tournament.

Cancellation Policy: If you need to cancel, we need to recieve an email, text, phone call by 12:00 pm the day before the event. We are required to provide the golf course a firm number as to the number of players we will have in the event. Often, we are required to provide that number far in advance of noon the day prior to the event. If you withdraw prior to that time, we will add a credit to your account in the amount of that registration. That credit may be used on any future transaction. No credit will be issued after that time.

Tee Times:

  • Most of our starting times will be 8:00 shotgun.
  • The 9 hole divisions will be tee times after the shotgun has cleared # 10 tee box. We will post tee times for the 9 hole divisions as an estimate of the approximate time of starting.
  • We will have pairings posted online by 6:00 pm the day prior to an event.


  • Caddies are only allowed for juniors playing in the 9 hole divisions (Boys - Bronze, Girls - Pearl), and our 5-hole division (Iron/Ruby).

Dress Code:

  • Spectators and Juniors must abide by each club’s dress code. Several clubs do not allow denim. Please check with each club for their dress code to avoid any problems.

Player conduct:

  • Conduct yourselves like ladies and gentlemen at all times.
  • No vulgar language
  • No alcohol or tobacco
  • No throwing of clubs

Shot Limit:

  • We will be playing double par at all times.
  • Max score on a par 3 is 6. If your ball is not in the hole after the 5th stroke, pick up your ball, proceed to the next tee and record a 6 for the hole.
  • Max score on a par 4 is 8. If your ball is not in the hole after the 7th stroke, pick up your ball, proceed to the next tee and record a 8 for the hole.
  • Max score on a par 5 is 10. If your ball is not in the hole after the 9th stroke, pick up your ball, proceed to the next tee and record a 10 for the hole.

Pace of play:

  • Please keep up with the group ahead of you.

Range finders:

  • Players may use distance measuring devices only.
  • Do not use a GPS device or anything that helps guage wind, slope, or has a picture of any part of the hole.

Spectator Golf Carts:

  • Some courses will allow spectator carts to be rented. Carts must remain on cart paths at all times

Event Check in:

  • Please arrive early to the event and check in with the coaches running the event so we know you are there.
  • There will usually be a table with a coach nearby handing out scorecards and rules sheets for the event.
  • Find this table, usually prominently displayed, to collect your scorecards for the event, and introduce yourself if it is your 1st event.

Tour Championship criteria:

  • Open to all Beltway JGT members.  Double points event